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Want to work out at home, teach you how to build your own gym at home.


If you don’t want to go to the gym, if you want to exercise more freely at home, then we could build a mini gym at home. Certainly not as well equipped as the gym. But we can do all the basic training.

Yoga mat
Can alleviate the noise problem. Whether it’s lying on it doing a curl or do Yoga, or Pilates. One for everyone, it’s a must.

When you do push-ups with it. You can press your body lower than you would with your bare hands. If you want a full chest, this is definitely your first choice. Girls can also have one at home.
In addition to firming the arms, it also supports the chest

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Elastic rope and Resistance Exercise Bands
The principle of elastic rope (belt) is exercise your body using the gravity of the pull enhance fun of sports. It has very good effect of reducing fat. It can also develop endurance and staying power
Strengthen the flexibility of the body and strengthen the muscles of the feet.

Adjustable dumbbell and dumbbell stool
Friends who work out at home. It is recommended to purchase adjustable dumbbells.Dumbbell weight can be adjusted according to the status of the day. Compared to the whole gym save more land and money

Dumbbell stool for students who pursue strength training a lot, and dumbbells together most strength training movements involve dumbbell stools for students who pursue strength training.

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