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Introduction of Muscle Massage Gun


1 Does the muscle massage gun work
The muscle massage gun has some effect on muscle relaxation, because the muscle massage gun is mainly used for high frequency impact therapy for fascia relaxation. The muscle massage gun provides deeper and more precise relaxation of muscles and fascia than the foam axis we use everyday.

2 The principle of the muscle massage gun
Muscle massage gun, full name muscle fascia relaxation massage gun, the use of muscle resonance principle of deep muscle tissue to hit and vibration, so as to accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain, accelerate recovery after injury. It is a powerful helper for rehabilitation physiotherapists, pain physicians, masseurs, beauticians, hygienists and other related people.

introduction of muscle massage gun

3 The use of muscle massage gun
First, make sure to start vibration before starting massage. Follow the muscle as you use it, so remember the anatomy of the muscle that you’re relaxing. Then choose different tips depending on where you relax. Our principle is to push slowly, such as dozen times and then move, each move a small distance.

4 The benefits of the muscle massage gun
1、With a certain local weight loss effect, muscle fat in the subcutaneous movement and the consumption of a large number of fat and heat energy discharge.
2、It has the effect of relaxing tendons, activating blood circulation, dredging collaterals and degree massage, without the requirements of professional and technical personnel.
3、The high frequency oscillation can penetrate the deep skeletal muscle, making the skeletal muscle relax instantly, and the meridians and veins can be unblocked instantly.
4、Effectively avoid massage master hand skin contact with the patient’s skin, avoid contact skin diseases.

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