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Exercise Workout Bands


1)One end of the pull band is fixed, and the other end is held by hand and waved outward. the direction of force is parallel to the pull band.

2)Fix the middle of the exercise workout tension band, back to the fixed end of the tension band, hold both ends of the tension band with both hands and straighten horizontally forward.

3)Step on the middle of the pull band with your feet, hold both ends with your hands, and stretch your hands horizontally up.

exercise workout bands 1

4)Place one foot in the middle of the pull band, arm straight and horizontal, land on one foot and stretch forward with the other.

5)Grab both ends of the band with your hands, place it on your back, and do push-ups to strengthen your arms.

6)Run your legs through the middle of the band and do a squat with your legs apart. This works the muscles in your legs.

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